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I believe we could fill up an entire new planet with AAA cup sized women. The days are gone having to wear a too big A cup bra just because there aren’t any smaller cups on the market. You can shop AAA here

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How will I know if I need an AAA cup?

woman in a small bra size

To determine your best bra size you’ll need to know your measurements.

If you’re small busted be sure to check a chart that includes the small cup sizes!

AAA, AA, A cups | Shop at

Or can use my bra calculator (cups AAA-O).

Remember that bra sizes can be close. Very close.

A little difference in measurements can result in a whole new band size and cup size.

The bras 42AA, 44AAA and 40A all have the same cup volume.

So if your between two possible band sizes and want to keep the same cup volume? You will have to go up or down a cup as well.

Why AAA cups are easily overlooked by many petites

99,99% (maybe more) of all the lingerie shops in the world don’t sell AAA cups.

Many petites never had a chance ever to try an aaa size. Let alone knew this cup size was available.

Lots of AAA and AA women never enter a lingerie shop in the first place, feeling we don’t belong here… (which indeed we do not ?)

  • if a shop doesn’t sell your size, how can they give a proper advise?
  • you may have heard the comment (I did) ‘why should you be wearing a bra anyway for having that small boobs‘ (it was a female lingerie agent who told me this!)

Let me just say 6 reasons why small boobs deserve a fine bra

What’s the difference between an A, AA, and AAA cup?

woman in pink bra small cup

 The bras 40AA and 40AAA have a different cup volume
The bras 38AA and 40AAA have the same cup volume
The bras 36B, 38A and 34C have the same cup volume

Only a slight change in measurement could mean you choose another bra size. It may also be that 2 different bra sizes will fit the same woman.

I myself wear 34AA and 36AAA. Even a few of my bras are 34A. Depending on the brand (bras can be shaped differently) and the bra style I choose to wear different sizes.

Going up or down a band size what happens?

Remember that when going up or down a band size your cup volume will automatically change as well.

For example, the bras 32A and 34A do not have the same cup volume.
The bras 32A, 30B, and 34AA do have the same cup volume. They are sister sizes

For example, you wear this bra 34B and find the band is too tight – you choose 36A (to keep the same cup volume).
If you feel the cups are too wide (as well) you might choose 34A, 36A or 36AA.

AAA cup shopping guide

Lulalu and Little Women are the lingerie brands that have AAA cups in their collection.

Although this may seem a little for all those women wearing AAA cups. But you do not need to worry.

Their collections are just… wonderful You’ll find all styles any woman would expect from a lingerie store.


Lulalu is an American lingerie company with an exclusive collection of small cup-sized bras.
They carry AAA, AA, A cup bras in band sizes 30 up to 42 

We recognize that not all women who wear AAA, AA, or A sizes fit the same mold. We make bras for real bodies, not just the conventional definition of “petite” sizing.

You can shop Lulalu Lingerie at

Little Women

UK shop Little Women has a wonderful collection of their own Little Women Bras. Lots of AAA cups in bands 30-44

Say goodbye to teenage training bras and say hello to feminine matching sets and bras that are designed for you specifically.

A great shop for women with small cups AAA-B cups. See their collection here 

A well-fitted bra gives you confidence. Sure thing. Do you have any doubts about your bra size? Please check out the bra size chart for small cup sizes or use the bra size calculator
Play around a bit with your measurements and find your best fit!

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

AAA, AA, A cups | Shop at

Check my bra calculator or your shop for bras & size charts

AAA - A cups »
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