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At least 60% of women with small breasts do not wear the right bra size.

Do you feel totally fine with your bra size? That’s great. You won’t need a bra size check. But if you do? Check your size today.

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Bra Size Guide

1. How to measure a small cup?

I meet a lot of women who wear a bra cup A who’d be better off with an AAA or AA cup. But it can also be that they might need a B cup instead of the A cup they’re wearing. Or even a C cup.

A little difference in measurements could mean a whole different bra size.

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How to measure your small bra size properly? see here

2. A cup vs B cup


An A cup and B cup can have the same cup volume. How come?

Well, you cannot judge a bra size only by its cup size. To compare different cup sizes you would have to know the band sizes too.

For example, the bras 40A, 42AA, and 38B all have the same cup volume. Read more

3. Small bra size chart

measure tape bra

Bra sizes can be very close. Really close.

Maybe you wear an A or B cup, but really need an AA or even a C cup at this moment. Only a slight change of your measurements could mean a different bra size than you are used to right now.

Do not skip this small bra size chart if you’re petite.

4. What are bra sister sizes?

woman smiling blond hair

Bra sister sizes are bras that have different numbers but do have the same cup volume.

Decide over time what your preferences are. It can well be that you wear 3 different bra sizes that all fit you just fine. Depending on the bra style and the bra brand you might want to choose different bra sizes sometimes.

Find out your bra sister size here

5. Band too tight or too loose?

measure bra band size

If your bra isn’t comfortable anymore it can be your band size is either too tight or too loose.

The most support of our bra comes from its band, so it should be a bit firm but never too tight.

What if you measure in between two possible band sizes? Read more

6. The best bras for sagging breasts

woman in a bra top lifting her arms

What bra styles are best for deflated and pendulous breasts? And what bras you’d better avoid? Go to article here

7. Why you should hand wash your bra?

washing bra by hand

Your bra is a delicate treasure. The elastic fiber regains its shape after regular hand washes. Learn more on why you should rotate between bras

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

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Check my bra calculator or your shop for bras & size charts

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Fitting Room | video & charts » Herroom
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